Thursday, August 20, 2009

Best toy ever

I was in Petsmart the other day to collect Sandy after her Hair & Nails appointment, and once again realized that there were hundreds of dog toys in that store.

Sandy has toys.  Her best inside toy is a rope.  I think I paid maybe $3.00 for the rope, which seemed extravagant.  The phrase "money for old rope" came to mind.  But, you can spend a lot more than that if you want to.

I've come to the conclusion that you can spend any amount of money on dog toys and the dogs will mostly want to play with the bag the toys came in.  At least my dog.

Here's Sandy with her best toy ever.

Sandy with a stick

It was free.


U-AL said...

When I visit my sister her Brittany Spaniel Boo will go searching for a sock to greet me with.
If one is not nearby he will go downstairs into the laundry room to get one out of the laundry basket and then bring it to me. Sometimes being not sure he wants to let go of it.
He also enjoys sticks from the backyard like Sandy does. Although not quite that large.

catester said...

I have a client with some kind of spaniel --- I'm not sure what kind --- who presented me with my client's bra which she (the spaniel) had apparently fished out of the laundry basket.


PressPlatypus said...

I’m an administrator for the Kelowna Capital News newsgarden, an online community where people can share news and photos from their neighborhood. I loved your photo of the best dog toy ever, so I shared it, (with a link back to your blog, of course). But I wanted to make sure it’s OK to use your photo. Please let me know if you object and I’ll take it down.