Sunday, March 08, 2009


Eric and I went to Vancouver last month for ten days.  It was good to be in a real city again, and there was lots to do.  But Sandy stayed behind in a kennel.

When I dropped her off, she didn't look happy, but she didn't protest.  When the owner came to escort Sandy to her quarters, Sandy wagged her tail and went along willingly.

When I picked her up, Sandy was so glad to see me she gave me the Wheten Greetin', which she learned years ago from her friend, a Wheten Terrier.  It's kind of cute in a Wheten, but a little scary to see a 62 lb shepherd jumping as high as your head.

A week later, Sandy is still pretty subdued, and every time we leave the house she looks at us as if it could be the last time she'll ever see us.  The hardest part is that we'll be away again for another ten days, and Sandy will be staying at the same kennel.  I hope she'll be as happy to see me when I come to pick her up next time.