Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Sandy

For Christmas this year, Sandy got over a foot of snow, and it's still snowing. It's also been minus-a-lot outside, so there haven't been nearly as many walks in the snow as she would like.

But today I didn't have any work to do, so we took a long walk in the snow, and when we came back, Sandy got her other present: a huge beef shank stuffed with peanut butter and coated with beef something or other. Made in the USA.

She really went at it for an hour. Now she's blissed out on the living room floor.

More snow in the forecast. Great news for dogs!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Sandy

Sandy is 9 today.

Sandy is 9 years old

She's the very best dog that ever there was (although maybe not always the best behaved) and I love her very much.

We went for a long walk today, and she got a cheeseburger (hold the onion, pickle, ketchup, mustard and bun) for lunch.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Time For Hair And Nails

It looks like the snow is finally all gone, at least here. I can look up at the hills and still see plenty of snow. I'm fine with it as long as it stays there.

Sandy loves the snow, of course. She rolls in it, she plunges through it when it's deep. Since I'm the one doing the shoveling and driving, I'm not as crazy about it. I'm happy to see the last of it.Sandy loves snow

Sandy takes the absence of snow in stride; now she rolls on the bare ground, and she had a nice dip in the dirty creek yesterday. I noticed today that one of us smells like a dog, and that means a trip to the dog groomer.

Sandy goes to the groomer because whenever she sees me with the dog shampoo and cotton balls, she goes right to her crate and tries to look really, really clean. "That stuff's not for me, right? I'm really, really clean!"

According to the groomer, Sandy walks right up the ramp into the tub and loves the dryer. Every time I hear this I'm tempted to check outside for pods. But she does come back looking great and with nails that don't click on the floor for a couple of weeks.