Monday, April 26, 2010

Brusha, Brusha, Brusha

If Sandy ever had her teeth cleaned before today, it would have been last time she was anesthetized, in 2004.

Last year about this time, the vet said Sandy needed a cleaning.  For what seemed like a lot of money, he would put Sandy under and do the teeth.

I looked for alternatives that (a) didn’t cost as much and (b) would get the job done right, with a minimum of trauma to Sandy.  A friend recommended a local dental assistant who is also a certified canine oral hygiene specialist.

It was a very good experience.  Sandy started off pretty nervous about being in a new place with a different floor and with a new person.  By the time I got back an hour later, she and Cindy were best friends. Sandy’s teeth look great.  And we’ve got some dog toothpaste!

Bucky Beaver

I think the whole thing was less stressful for Sandy that it is for me when I have my teeth cleaned.  Maybe I should take some Rescue Remedy before my next cleaning.