Sunday, February 01, 2009

More Trials

Long story short, the Parks department here in Kelowna has spent years making sure that dogs and their people never have adequate off-leash facilities. And until 2006, City Council let them get away with it.  In 2006, City Council finally allowed dogs ON-leash to walk along the waterfront, but only after a trial period.

So this week, City Council will receive a report from the Parks people recommending that site under study for over two years should not be made available to dogs, and that three more off-leash areas be made available, but only on a trial basis.  The site which won't be recommended would have been just the second off-leash area in Kelowna to provide dogs and their people access to Okanagan Lake.  All this despite the fact that their own surveys indicate that most people who responded want dogs to have access to the lake somewhere, even the 50% who don't own dogs.

We have some new people on City Council, and a Mayor who has been a good friend to dog owners.  There's an email campaign underway. We'll see if Council will assert themselves and direct City staff to do the right thing.

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