Thursday, January 26, 2006

At Last!

Finally. Kelowna City Council passed a bylaw that allows dogs on leash along the waterfront in Kelowna.

Signs, signs, everywhere a signAlthough dogs are not permitted to step off the paved paths, onto the grass, sand, or --- god forbid --- into the lake, people can now take their dogs with them along the waterfront.

Did I mention that this is for a trial period? Yes. A six-month trial period. In winter.

As luck would have it, the last couple of weeks have brought us some relatively mild days so Sandy and I have taken a couple of walks through SandyCity Park, along the boardwalk, and down to the new condos. There have been plenty of interesting smells, apparently. She just doesn’t get why she can’t chase the geese off the beach.

Neither do I.

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