Monday, May 02, 2005

Bird's Nest

There’s a bird nest in the lights over the garage. Sometimes there’s a bird in it.

I noticed the nest one afternoon when I came home and got out of the car. It got bigger over the next couple of days, but I never saw the bird.

Bird's Nest

Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that there would be a bird in it at some point. That point was last night.

About 11:30, just before bed, I put Sandy on her long lead and opened the garage door so she could have a pee. The nest apparently has covered part of the motion sensor, because the light didn’t come on when the door opened, and usually it does.

Sandy trotted out, broke the beam, and the light came on. The bird woke up!! The bird swooped down on Sandy, Sandy took off running, pulling me along behind her. The bird headed for the next door neighbor’s tree, where it proceeded to give us the dickens for waking it up. Sandy got herself set up under the neighbor’s tree and proceeded to bark at the bird. The bird swooped again. Repeatedly.

Up and down the street, lights came on. Doors opened and closed. Dogs began to bark. I’m out there in my driveway, illuminated from behind by the garage light, swatting at an angry, diving bird, and trying to shush an excited, barking dog. After what seemed like a lot longer than would be absolutely necessary, doors opened and closed again and lights went off. Dogs kept barking though. It was all very exciting.

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