Saturday, May 22, 2004

My Dog Sandy

Hello and welcome.

This is my dog Sandy. She came to live with us after being in the Kelowna SPCA, where she had been locked up for being a stray. We think she was born around October 1, 1999.

My Dog Sandy

Sandy is the best dog that ever there was, even though she's not always the best behaved. You can find more pictures of Sandy here.


Anonymous said...

Hello Cate. I happened upon your site quite by accident and had to comment on Sandy. You have been told she looks like a Belgian Shepherd. Who ever told you was right on the money. She is a beautiful example of what most of us in the dog world call a Malinois. I am surprised that someone from the SPCA did not what breed she was.

catester said...

Thanks the comment. The SPCA volunteers do the best they can, but not all of them are "dog people." I remember the shelter being full of cats at that time, and I think that's where most of the energy went. ;-) Whatever she is, I am lucky to have Sandy staying with me. Every day with her is better than it would have been without her, that's for sure. Oops -- I have to go give her a job now!

SoozieQ said...

How odd. I found you through Dogster (because you have Sandy listed as "Malinois" and that's what I was searching for since I have one too!)

Then I read about "San Francisco" in your bio (I live in the Bay Area currently)

Anyway, just thought it was a small world.

Sandy is a beautiful dog. My Malinois can be found on Dogster HERE