Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

We live in a cul-de-sac, and when we moved here it was a busy day if more than three cars went up and down the “main” road.  Time passed, new subdivisions appeared  around us, and the road is much busier.

Sandy always has to WAIT before we cross the street, whether there is traffic or not.  But these days she sometimes has to WAIT while two or three cars perform a Canadian interpretation of a Rolling St. Louis Stop.

Just lately, if we WAIT for more than a minute, Sandy will WAIT without complaining, but when I say, “Let’s go!” she’ll decide it’s time to sniff the ground, or pee on a carefully selected patch of grass, or venture backwards or sideways into a flowerbed.  Anything but cross the street.

It reminds me of a batter asking for time out because the pitcher took a long time to get ready.

I’m pretty sure we’re going back to SIT instead of WAIT for awhile.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


The theme of today’s walk at the Capital News Centre is: Salad Bar.

Capital News Centre walk

I hope Spring has sprung.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hair & Nails

It’s Sandy’s world, and we just happen to be passing through it.  She has her special friends, but if you’re not one of them, she doesn’t much care what you think.  This is especially true if you’re the one doing the grooming.
She loves it when I use the Furminator, but when Sandy sees me with dog shampoo and cotton balls, she heads for her crate and tries to look really clean.  She will not get in the bathtub.  She has no objection to a bath outside.  She’ll let me wash her with a bucket and a hose.  But in the bathtub? No way.

And we're just getting started
One of Sandy’s special friends used to own a grooming shop.  When I took Sandy in there, it was always all about Sandy.  I’d come back to pick her up, and Debbie would say, “Sandy was so good.  She went right up the ramp into the tub!” or, “Sandy really loves the dryer.”  I would say, “Is there some OTHER dog named Sandy here?”  Debbie would use a Dremel on Sandy’s nails, apparently without incident.
She sold the shop, and was working out of another dog place.  I took Sandy there.
Clean Dog
After a bath
Sandy didn’t like it as much, but she still loved Debbie, so she put up with the other dogs and people in the place.  But eventually Debbie moved on from there, and vanished.
It’s been a long winter, and now the weather is getting warmer and the ground is going to be getting muddier.  It’s time for hair & nails.  Sandy doesn’t need clipping or anything fancy.  Just a bath and some work on her nails.  But she needs a special person.  The search is on.